Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS)

Our Consulting and Training programmes form the bedrock of our services and underpins everything we do. Education and awareness are the foundations to understanding the effects and consequences of fatigue. We work closely with our clients to identify their fatigue risk management requirements and to develop tailored solutions and comprehensive Fatigue Risk Management Systems (FRMS).

We have developed a suite of unique tools to undertake assessments and reviews of your existing fatigue management processes, and we draw on our extensive experience and expertise to inform the development and implementation of new components to enhance your FRMS towards best-practice, industry-leading standards.

FRMS Review and Auditing

FMI consultants will utilise our specially developed assessment tool to review or audit your FRMS, benchmarking against internal, regulatory and/or industry best-practice requirements and guidelines. Methods used to gather information typically include:

  • ▶ Fatigue risk assessment workshop and observation of work environments, break facilities, onsite accommodation, etc.
  • ▶ Task analyses, roster analyses and confidential interviews
  • ▶ Desktop review of organisational policies, procedures, guidelines, communication and training materials, incident reports and other relevant documents.
  • ▶ Clients will receive both quantitative and qualitative feedback in a comprehensive report, detailing key fatigue-related risk exposures and recommended next steps, including accountabilities and timelines to improve your FRMS.
Fatigue Risk Management System Development
Based on the findings from the initial review, FMI can engage with key organisational stakeholders to develop or revise the key components of your FRMS, including policies, procedures, training and communication materials, and supporting resources. We can then facilitate the on-going implementation of your FRMS and support any change management requirements. We will work with you to identify key performance indicators so that the effectiveness of the FRMS can be monitored and evaluated.

We investigate incidents

FMI’s expert team will utilise a systemic approach to investigate the potential role of fatigue as a factor in incidents and near misses.

We will examine the circumstances preceding the incident, as well as the organisational and regulatory systems supporting your operation’s activities. We will determine the probability that an individual’s performance was potentially being influenced by fatigue and assess whether that contributed towards an incident or accident. We will also be able to:

  • ▶ Undertake post incident analyses of rostering schedules
  • ▶ Conduct in-depth interviews to uncover the organisational contributors, and factors external to the work environment, that may have contributed towards the incident
  • ▶ Conduct analyses of near miss data
  • ▶ Advise on the systems that will empower management to effectively monitor fatigue-related incidents and accidents in the workplace
  • ▶ Our consultants utilise a unique system in all incident investigation activities. This system has the capacity to accelerate information collection on site and is able to capture additional material in the form of audio and visual formats.