Driver Fatigue Monitoring for Light Vehicles, Road Haulage, Bus & Coach

FMI have partnered Australian based Auspace Pty td to develop the world’s first fully integrated driver behaviour and driver fatigue In-Vehicle Management System (IVMS).

This unique solution incorporates Auspace’s existing IVMS platform and Lone Worker/Man Down application with FMI’s early warning, predictive driver fatigue monitoring technology – ASTID™, which stands for Advisory System for Tired Drivers. The integrated system will monitor driver fatigue levels in combination with acceleration, braking, turning and speeding.

The platform combines swerve-based pattern recognition, the length of driving and breaks, combined with factors based on underlying circadian rhythms and sleep quality - delivering a continuous real time assessment of the driver’s fatigue level likelihood.

This provides the driver with objective feedback on their potential fatigue impairment and driving performance enabling them to take responsible actions and providing real time visibility and control of the fleet to an authorised operator or monitoring agency, as necessary.

Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Management for Mining Haul Trucks

FMI’s partnership with Wombatt Global Pte Ltd offers true fatigue management for the Mining industry. Integrating ASTiD as the central, fatigue monitoring technology, the WOMBATT Cloud Server service allows companies to keep track of the real time fatigue status of their haul truck drivers from a central location.

Driver fatigue data is transmitted in near real time via the WOMBATT cloud server to specialised local language remote fatigue monitoring centres, located anywhere in the world. In the monitoring centres, highly trained fatigue monitoring staff keep a 24 hour per day watch on all drivers, every single day of the year, interacting with drivers, dispatch and supervisors according to strict protocols to prevent the occurrence of fatigue.

Because fatigue is a human condition, reaching zero incidents requires constant training and education at all levels of the mining company organisation, from senior management change management, supervisors' understanding of fatigue and how to prevent dangerous fatigue from developing in the workplace, stakeholder involvement, driver training in fatigue, fatigue systems, protocols and procedures, and spouse training and empowerment.

This method truly represents and delivers holistic, fatigue risk management at all levels and is unparalleled in its approach within the industry.